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Accelerate your microbiome studies with us!

What is the best kit for extracting bacterial DNA for NGS applications?

A myriad of commercial kits are available for extraction of bacterial DNA. These kits are typically tested by the kit suppliers and scientific literature comparing different commercial kits is very limited. However, there are exceptions: this article compared six commercial kits to extract bacterial chromosome and plasmid DNA for MiSeq sequencing.

Accordingly to the article, Masterpure provides the cheapest and fastest completion/hands-on-time of the kits compared.
“In cases where a differential coverage of smaller plasmids (under 5 kb in our case) may be considered negligible, the choice of DNA extraction kit can be guided largely by other factors including extraction costs, extraction time and potential for automation.”

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OMNI Bead ruptor 24 elite homogenisaattori

Extract live bacteria/viruses from animal and plant tissues?

Take a look at this poster from Omni International!

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Detect Microbes & Fungi with an easy 16S + ITS microbial identification NGS kit!

Swift Biosciences NEW 16S+ITS microbial identification amplicon panel targets the whole 16S rRNA gene (V1-V9) and ITS in a single primer pool. With increased sensitivity, enabling detection of more microbial diversity compared to conventional V3-V4 panels:

Comprehensive, solves 16S sequencing issues, and saves costs. Short, 2-hour workflow. Increase throughput with 384 multiplexing.

For Swift Biosciences NEW 16S+ITS microbial identification amplicon panel trials, ask for a summer campaign (valid until June 30th).

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