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Biocenter Oulu Day 2019, Oulu


BIOCENTER OULU DAY 2019, 9th April 2019 – “Nature Meets Technology – Many Faces of Modern Medicine”

  • Event Topic: “Nature Meets Technology-Many Faces of Modern Medicine”
  • Date: Tuesday, 9th April 2019
  • Place: The main auditorium, Kieppi Building, Aapistie 5A, University of Oulu

We are happy to join BCO 2019! Welcome to learn more about the new groundbreaking imaging technology developed by Leica Microsystems: Leica THUNDER! Janne will have a talk about

“Leica Thunder Imagers – See through the haze”, Janne Ylärinne, Immuno Diagnostic Oy

Program is here

Leica THUNDER Imagers allow a clear view of details, even deep within an intact sample, in real time without out-of-focus blur. Sharp imaging of 3D specimens is now as easy as working with your favorite camera-based fluorescence microscope.

THUNDER Imagers with Computational Clearing define a new class of instruments for high-speed, high-quality imaging of thick, 3-dimensional specimens. Fundamentally change the way you work when imaging model organisms, tissue sections, and 3D cell cultures like organoids.

THUNDER imaging systems excel due to:

  • Delivery of benchmark performance and first-rate results for your application
  • Clear view of details even deep within the specimen thanks to Computational Clearing
  • Ease of use, speed, and sensitivity, just like with widefield imaging





See you soon in Oulu!

Katja-Riikka Louhi, Ph.D., Molecular Biology

Janne Ylärinne, Ph.D., Microscopy & Imaging