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CELLINK’s 3D bioprinters now from us!

We have started a collaboration with Swedish company Cellink. This means that Immuno Diagnostic Oy expands to the field of biomaterials by importing and supporting 3D Bioprinting equipment in the country!

3D Bioprinting, what is it?

3D Bioprinting is a tool for making three-dimensional tissue & cell culture models for research. In the technique desired cell line or lines are combined with hydrogel based support materials called bioinks. This allows to freely define and build new tissues, spheroids, organoids etc. for research purposes. 3D bioprinting is a state-of-the-art technique now affordably available for every research group, whether your interest is to improve the culture conditions of your cell models or to investigate the unmapped seas of regenerative medicine!

It has been known for long time that classic two-dimensional culturing of cells on dish is not the native state for the cells to grow. The unnatural culture environment may cause the cells phenotypes to change and to distort the results. 3D culture environment allows the cells to grow, interact and migrate to all directions. The bioprinting patterns and different ink types create even more versatility to your model! Furthermore, the 3D environment can increase the longevity of your cells, allowing more flexibility to your experimental designs.

CELLINK – made in Göteborg!

Cellink is a Swedish company based in Göteborg with multi-awarded Bioprinter design and more than 600 labs already using the system all around the Globe. The Cellink bioprinters are very easy to use. You don’t have to be an expert in programming or tissue engineering to get started. Now you can get the bioprinter and the suitable inks from the same source! Just add your desired cell line, choose/create the design you need and you are ready to start printing your tissues!
It is notable that we are not only offering you the instruments but the whole solutions including the right bioink for your purposes as well as support and service! Cellink’s research team has developed more than 50 different bioinks that are compatible with all other bioprinters available in the market. Thus, we can provide you with all the tools you may need for successful bioprinting. You will not be alone with your new technology 🙂


Two systems to choose from: the BIO X and the Inkredible.


The BIO X is the flagship model of the Cellink’s bioprinters with clean chamber technology, three exchangeable printheads (for different applications and approaches) and a touch screen.

The Inkredible is a more basic model with clean chamber technology and two fixed printheads. This unit provides you cost effective bioprinting.

The future of medicine is here!

We are happy to help you to take the leap to the future – Start 3D bioprinting today!

Product Manager, Life Science

Product Manager, Microscopy & Imaging