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Future of research – Printing life

Printing life nucleic acid by nucleic acid

Synthetize DNA & RNA fragments, clones and variant libraries in your own lab. A game-changer in many labs might soon be a digital-to-biological converter, i.e. a DNA printer. The instrument allows you to automate the process of gene synthesis, modification and amplification, to produce DNA fast, safely and error-free! BioXp 3250 is a fully automated synthetic biology workstation that is just slightly larger than a standard desktop printer. The machine converts the digital genetic code (written with the generic nucleic acid symbols ATCG and U) to real DNA or RNA.

CODEX-DNA offers also a variety of bench-top reagents, including Gibson Assembly cloning kits and highly efficient Vmax competent cells.


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Printing life layer by layer

Design and print out your own unique 3D cell models. The fast development of new and innovative 3D bioprinters is lowering the boundaries we are facing when trying to create native-tissue-like cell and tissue models. Bioprinted cells typically show natural morphology and more native gene expression profiles than cells in 2D cultures. Modern bioprinters allow researchers e.g. to perform 3D cell culture screens for drug candidates, print out organoids & tumoroids in a consistent way or create vascularized structures that can be studied on a petri dish.

Bio X6 is the flagship model of the Cellink’s bioprinters with clean chamber technology, six exchangeable printheads for different applications and approaches.


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