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Brilliant and complex solution for short RNA biomarkers (miRNA)

microRNA (miRNA)

microRNAs represent the most progressive group of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers.  A wide range of expression panels and targeted measurements for individual miRNAs on the principle of immunoblot or qPCR opens up new possibilities for the diagnosis of serious pathologies. Where traditional tests end, miRNA begins.

BioVendor has been focusing on innovative biomarkers at BioVendor R&D since the very beginning of the division. This meant they were amongst the first to spot the considerable potential of these short non-coding RNA sequences. These are regulators of gene expression, which are involved in most physiological processes and the pathogenesis of many diseases. Monitoring miRNA levels can be used to describe the molecular mechanism or early diagnosis of various pathologies and to identify their stages. Since 2016, miRNAs have been at the centre of BioVendor’s research as promising diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers.

The Two Tailed RT qPCR (TT PCR) method

The Two Tailed RT qPCR (TT PCR) method was developed together with leading scientists from the TATAA and BIOCEV centres. They solved the sensitivity and specificity problems caused by the short miRNA sequence by means of unique hemiprobic RT primers and specific primers for qPCR. Excellent results were achieved with this combination. It is a user-friendly method based on PCR.

MicroRNA Enzymatic Immunoassay (miREIA)

MicroRNA Enzymatic Immunoassay (miREIA) uses direct hybridisation of miRNA with biotinylated ssDNA to generate RNA-DNA hybrid. The hybrid is subsequently recognised by the antibody captured on the microplate. This protocol, similar to the ELISA method, does not include any amplification steps and its price in terms of sample is extremely favourable.


BioVendor’s miRNA BATS at your service

BioVendor’s Analytical and Testing Service (BATS) offers specialised and customized service. It is the best option if you are not feeling confident about molecular methodology or do not have the necessary equipment or human power to run miRNA assays. BioVendor’s scientific experts can provide you with a guidance and supervision throughout the whole experimental design and sample collection process and do the wet lab work for you. You just provide them your samples and experts do all the isolation, quantification, normalisation and data processing. Scientific experts can help you whether you need each of these functions or only one or two. BATS is provided for all BioVendor’s miRNA/sncRNA product portfolio.


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