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NEW: RNA Extraction Kit for Blood from Lexogen

Lexogen’s Efficient RNA Extraction Kit is Now Also Available for Blood Samples

Lexogen’s SPLIT RNA Extraction Kit has already been used in multiple studies where it was applied to purify RNA from different organisms including animal (e.g. mouse, human) and plant tissues (e.g. A. thaliana, Picea abies), insects (e.g. Drosophila), cell lines (e.g. human), fluid samples (e.g. plasma), and others (jellyfish, fungi, bacteria).

We are happy to announce that the range of the SPLIT RNA Extraction applications has been extended with the launch of SPLIT for Blood and now this highly efficient and easy method can also be used for purification of RNA directly from blood samples.

Learn more about SPLIT for Blood


  • RNA extraction from various sample types, incl. human blood
  • Efficient depletion of globin mRNA
  • High-quality RNA for demanding downstream applications, such as NGS
  • Total RNA or small and large RNA fractions
  • No DNase treatment – no RNA degradation
  • Convenient and fast protocol
  • High yield and extraction efficiency


I’m happy to tell you more!

SANNA SILTANEN | PhD, Product Manager, NGS & Genomics

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