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New supplier for synthetic biology – Codex DNA

New technology from CODEX-DNA, now in Finland exclusively from Immuno Diagnostic Oy. Codex-DNA’s key product is the BioXP “DNA-printer” which enables you to produce DNA fast & safely in your own lab. IP protected – Your vectors never leave your lab! Watch the short video to learn more:

Dan Gibson, the inventor of the Gibson assembly cloning technique works as Chief Technology Officer at Codex-DNA. Watch his TED talk where he introduces the world’s first and only automated platform for personalized medicine and distributed vaccine manufacturing.

Codex-DNA BioXp3250

  • The first and only push-button automated platform for building libraries, fragments, and clones up to 32 complex constructs overnight
  • Main application areas: Basic research, Vaccine development, Cloning, Immunotherapy, Personalized Medicine, Drug Development, Protein production, Enzyme Engineering
  • Provides over 10 μg of transfection-ready DNA output overnight
  • The instrument allows you to automate the process of gene synthesis, modification and amplification – here we can go from months of research to days in finding suitable clonal candidates for e.g. possible vaccines
  • The highest quality gene fragments: proprietary two-step process results in error rates between 1:10,000 and 1:30,000
  • Reagents are centered around Vaccine Development – including Full Length Genomes of the COVID-19 Virus and RNA Controls for SARS
  • Also, Codex-DNA is a specialist in cloning and amplification with Gibson Assembly
  • In addition, the company manufactures VMAX reagents that are alternatives to E. Coli media that can generate x4 more protein output for growth


How it works:

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The BioXp device will arrive in Finland December 2020, click here to schedule a more detailed presentation & demo.

Please contact

Sanna Siltanen, Ph.D.

Product Manager, NGS +358 44 565 7396