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Useful Webinars & Trainings – Check this list!

11.12.2020 - 31.12.2020

Do you have some extra time at home office when not allowed to access your lab and routine work? Please check this list of useful webinars and trainings, with the following topics:


Educative information from Nexcelom Bioscience to create more accurate results:

  • Webinar on Demand: A Modern Approach to Traditional Virology Research
  • How to Perform AO/PI Viability Assays on the Cellometer K2
  • How to Count Small Cells Such as Platelets, Algae, Yeasts and Bacteria

From this link


Nexcelom Cellometer K2/X2 DEMO with Dr. Suzanne Riches:


RNA sequencing and transcriptome analysis

Diverse solutions for RNA sequencing and transcriptome analysis from Lexogen, e.g.

  • Reliable RNA-Seq Expression Profiling from Low-Quality FFPE Biobank Samples
  • Lexogen CORALL Total RNA-Seq: Complete Solution for Whole Transcriptome Analysis
  • Automation of RNA-seq: from model organisms to the clinic
  • Time-resolved RNA profiling for cancer research and beyond

all these webinars from this link:

Check the webinars


Targeted amplicon sequencing panels

If you want to learn about different targeted amplicon sequencing panels (oncology, genetics, microbiology) together with a bundled data analysis pipeline, listen this joint-webinar organized by ImmunoD & Varsome:


NuGEN/Tecan Genomics NGS solutions

NuGEN/Tecan Genomics NGS solutions, examples of topics included:

  • Mining the Post-Mortem Human Brain for Neurodegenerative Markers
  • The Flexible and Cost-Effective Genotyping By Sequencing GBS
  • Role of Non-CpG DNA Methylation in Neurological Disorders
  • Benefits of NuQuant® library quantification, new method to determine molar library concentration in 5 minutes

check all presentations from this link:

All presentations



Bioprinting with BIO X:

Printing Skin models:

Droplet bioprinting:

Please contact

Tuula Aaltonen, Ph.D.

Sales Manager, Life Science +358 40 900 2953