3D Bioprinting

3D Bioprinting is a tool for making three-dimensional tissue and cell culture models for research

In this technique desired cell line or lines are combined with hydrogel-based support materials called bioinks. This allows to freely define and build new tissue-like structuress, spheroids, organoids etc. for research purposes. 3D bioprinting is a state-of-the-art technique now affordably available for every research group, whether your interest is to improve the culture conditions of your cell models or to investigate the unmapped seas of regenerative medicine!


CELLINK Instruments for making 3D tissue and cell culture models

The BIO X is the flagship model of the Cellink’s bioprinters with clean chamber technology, three exchangeable printheads (for different applications and approaches) and a touch screen.

The Inkredible+ is a more basic model with clean chamber technology and two fixed printheads. This unit provides you cost effective bioprinting.
More than 600 labs are already using Cellinks products around the globe Read more here.


CELLINK provides a large selection of different support materials for your tissue and cell culture models. Available more than 530 different BioInks and Kits. Read more.
There is also a BioInk Selection Guide available for your convenience. Go to Selection Guide.