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DNA & RNA Synthesis

New technology from Telesis Bio (formerly Codex DNA), now in Finland exclusively from Immuno Diagnostic Oy. Telesis Bio’s key product is the BioXP “DNA-printer” which enables you to produce DNA and mRNA fast & safely in your own lab. IP protected – Your vectors never leave your lab! Watch the short video to learn more:


Dan Gibson, the inventor of the Gibson assembly cloning technique works as Chief Technology Officer at Telesis Bio. Watch his TED talk where he introduces the world’s first and only automated platform for personalized medicine and distributed vaccine manufacturing.


  • The first and only push-button automated platform for building libraries, fragments (DNA/mRNA), and clones up to 32 complex constructs overnight
  • DNA cloning: up to 10 μg of transfection-ready custom DNA fragments of 300 to 7200 bp
  • mRNA synthesis: single-stranded capped and tailed custom mRNA of 400 to 1800 bp, minimum 5 µg yield per mRNA
  • Main application areas: Basic research, Vaccine development, Cloning, Immunotherapy, Personalized Medicine, Drug Development, Protein production, Enzyme Engineering
  • The instrument allows you to automate the process of gene synthesis, modification and amplification – here we can go from months of research to days in finding suitable clonal candidates for e.g. possible vaccines
  • The highest quality gene fragments: proprietary two-step process results in error rates between 1:10,000 and 1:30,000


  • Same applications as with BioXp 3250 for high throughput screening and discovery workflows
  • Seamless synthesis of up to 96 candidate genes and clones overnight
  • 3X throughput, ~2.5X time savings, only ~1.3X larger compared to BioXp3250
  • Same, easy-to-use portal for designing your sequences to both instruments


How it works:


  • Also, Telesis Bio manufactures benchtop reagents for cloning and DNA amplification
  • Gibson Assembly kits for assembling as many as 10 DNA fragments into a vector
  • Combine Gibson Assembly with RapidAMP kits, to achieve up to 10 µg of high-quality, high-fidelity DNA
  • VMAX X2 cells as an alternative to E. Coli media that can generate x4 more protein output for growth


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