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A New Method SLAMseq for measuring RNA kinetics, with Promo Campaign

New Method for Quantification of Nascent mRNA


SLAMseq Metabolic RNA Labeling Kit

The fastest metabolic RNA labeling method, which does not require pull-down or biochemical isolation

  • Measure nascent RNA expression and transcript stability
  • Enhance the temporal resolution of differential expression
  • Analyze transcriptome-wide kinetics of RNA synthesis and turnover
  • Use in combination with QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq for cost- and time-effective, high-throughput time-resolved sequencing
  • Analyze the data on the automated and user-friendly SLAMseq-QuantSeq data analysis pipeline SLAMdunk


The new transcriptome-wide, quantitative, fast, and reliable SLAMseq (thiol (SH)-Linked Alkylation for the Metabolic Sequencing of RNA) labeling method enables very straightforward, time-resolved measurement of newly-synthesized and existing RNA. Learn more about SLAMseq.

Total RNA from SLAMseq experiments can be used as direct input for Lexogen’s QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq Library Prep. QuantSeq generates stranded libraries that require 10x less reads than standard RNA-Seq. This enables samples from more complex experiments to be multiplexed together in a single sequencing lane or run. Thus, both technical and biological replicates can be included in SLAMseq experiments at minimum costs. Learn more about QuantSeq.


A study recently published in Science

(Muhar, M et al. (2018) SLAM-seq defines direct gene-regulatory functions of the BRD4-MYC axis, DOI:10.1126/science.aao2793

demonstrates how unique qualities of SLAMseq and QuantSeq were leveraged to determine direct transcription targets of cancer genes in response to drug treatment. The study illustrates how SLAMseq-QuantSeq can be applied to identify direct transcriptional targets of any gene or pathway.


If You want to measure RNA kinetics, Lexogen has Special Offer:

  • 10 % discount on any SLAMseq module
  • Registration for the promo code available until June 5, 2018. You can use the discount code until September 1, 2018. This offer is eligible for one order per customer and until stocks last.
  • Apply now for the limited offer and start time-resolved RNA-Seq at a special price!


For more info – Please contact:

Product Manager, Life Science
+358 44 565 7396