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NEW: Saliva DNA Microbiome collectors from Isohelix!

Microbial studies have indicated that the balance of flora in many human systems, including saliva, plaques, skin and gut, are a key indicator of health.

Traditional methods of collection and storage of microbiome samples often include freezing, that always presents well known logistical challenges in cold chain transport and storage or can often complicate technical viability in the collection process.

Isohelix  has addressed these issues with the new GeneFiX Saliva Microbiome DNA Collection device.

Saliva Microbiome Collection Device:

  • Ambient Storage – no expensive storage or transport
  • Instant Stabilization – provides a snapshot of the saliva microbiome
  • No trace DNA contamination – Reliable results
  • Non Toxic –  easy to use
  • Compatible to most downstream chemistries


Saliva-Prep2 DNA Isolation Kit:

  • Optimized to maximize DNA microbiome results
  • High yields and quality – for downstream analysis
  • Complete Kit – easy to use no additional reagents
  • Variable Volume – sample flexibility


Read more from application note and Microbiome flyer.

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Katja-Riikka Louhi