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Revolutionary NGS Library Normalization Kit with -50% discount!

We encourage you to test the new Swift Normalase Kit offering -50% discount of the list price. This offer is valid for one kit per order, until 31st of January 2019.

New Swift Normalase Kit

Swift Normalase is a novel enzymatic library normalization technology that consolidates DNAseq & RNAseq library normalization and pooling.

  • Replaces conventional library quantification and normalization
  • Reduces read-depth variation to ≤10% within a pool for more balanced libraries
  • Mitigates index hopping by eliminating primer/adapter carryover
  • Saves sequencing and labor costs

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Watch Normalase Webinar!

  • Watch the Normalase Webinar
  • Radically Streamlining NGS Library Quantification and Normalization

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SANNA SILTANEN | PhD, Product Manager, NGS & Genomics

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