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Single-Cell Immunology, Turku


Single-Cell Immunology – Symposium by Finnish Society for Immunology

  • Time: August 21st, 2019
  • Place: Pharmacity, Turku


Single-Cell Immunology Symposium includes interesting topics by professional researchers:

  • Deepak Rao (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School): “T cell – B cell interactions in human autoimmunity”
  • Petter Brodin (Karolinska Institutet): ”Shaping of human immune systems by environmental influences early in life”
  • Satu Mustjoki (University of Helsinki): ”Single cell RNA seq analysis of lymphocyte responses during immuno-oncology therapy in melanoma patients”
  • Luís Graça (Instituto de Medicina Molecular Lisboa): ”Tissue adaptation of follicular T cell subsets”
  • Pia Rantakari (University of Turku): ”Single-cell mass cytometry reveals the heterogeneity of tissue-resident macrophages in endocrine tissues”
  • Roser Vento-Tormo (Wellcome Sanger Institute): “Mapping the female reproductive tissue one cell at a time”
  • Céline Vandamme (University of Eeastern Finland): ”Single cell analysis of allergen-specific and autoreactive CD4+ T cells using the CD154-enrichment method”




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See you soon in Turku!

Tuula Aaltonen, Ph.D. Sales Manager, Life Science

Sanna Siltanen, Ph.D. Product Manager, NGS & Genomics