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Special Promo for cell culture – valid until 31.10.2018!

We celebrate Pan-Biotech 30 years birthday with the serum campaign!

Pan-Biotech is specialized in the manufacture of cell culture products like sera, media, serum-free systems, reagents and biologicals to customers from research, clinics and the biopharmaceutical industry.

FBS Standard (#P30-3306, 500 ml)
75 € / 500 ml
South America, Fetal Bovine Serum, Virus & mycoplasma tested

Have you already tested Accutase, the replacement for Trypsin?

Accutase® is the gentle replacement for Trypsin in all adherent cell cultures and especially when working with sensitive cell types. Recommended for fibroblasts, endothelial, vascular smooth muscle cells, as well as hepatocytes, embryonal stem cells, and many immortalized cell lines such as adherent CHO and BHK cells, HEK 293, L929, HeLa, 3T3, and others.
Accutase® is a non-mammalian, non-bacterial ready-to-use cell detachment solution made of collagenolytic and proteolytic enzymes.

  • No neutralization required
  • Protection of surface epitopes
  • Maximum cell viability
  • Enhanced plating efficiency


Accutase Cell Detachment Solution:

  • 40 € /100 ml (P10-21100)
  • 100 € /500 ml (P10-21500)

Panexin basic – Serum Replacement with Defined Components

Fully defined Serum Replacement :

  • No more serum testing!
  • Easy handling!
  • Full reproducibility!
  • Cost – effective!

Panexin Basic (P04-96950)

75 € / 500 ml – or ask a free sample!


Try now with our campaign prices!

Special promo for cell culture is valid until 31st October 2018
(No shipping cost, handling fee 20€/order)

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Tuula Aaltonen