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Phone +358 3 615 370


Sinimäentie 10 C
02630 Espoo

Oulu – Technical Service

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90220 Oulu

Orders, product search/enquiries and other questions: info(@)immunodiagnostic.fi

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Please contact info@immunodiagnostic.fi or phone +358-3-615 370. Email addresses are firstname.lastname@immunodiagnostic.fi. Follow us on LinkedIn!

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Sales & Marketing

Microscopy and imaging

Vesa Ylöstalo Product Manager, Microscopy and Imaging
Markku Saari Product Manager, Microscopy and Imaging
Toni Vormisto Product Manager, Stereo and material microscopes
Pekka Hietala Product Manager, Surgical Microscopes
Ville Soramies Product Manager, Surgical Microscopes

Diagnostics & Life Science

Annu Aromaa Product Manager, Clinical Diagnostics
Elina Nivala-Vanhainen Product Manager, Clinical Diagnostics & Food Diagnostics
Eveliina Markkula, Ph.D. Quality Manager and Application Specialist
Annu Lohikoski Product Manager, Pathology and Histology
Pasi Kataja Product Manager, Pathology and Genetics
Liisa Peri Marketing Manager
Laura Aulu Product Manager, Clinical Diagnostics, on maternity leave from May 6th, 2024

Technical support and service

Marco Bognomini Service Manager, Histology and IT, Espoo
Tim Hänninen Service Technician, Microscopy, Surgical Microscopes and EM instruments, Espoo
Ismo Ikineva Technical Product Manager, Clinical Diagnostics and Histology, Oulu
Olli Hämäläinen Service Technician, Histology & Microscopes, Espoo

Customer service

Phone +358 3 615 370

Anu Ahokanto Sales Assistant
Anne Kardes Sales Assistant
Sanna Tervo Sales Assistant
Taina Orkola Team Manager, customer service
Tomi Ailio Logistics


Suvi Virkki Financial Manager
Janne Ylärinne, Ph.D. Sales Director
Tomi Virtanen CEO