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Immuno Diagnostic Oy environmental policy

Immuno Diagnostic Oy is part of AddLife group. Following the group’s policies, we also pay attention to environmental matters and sustainability in everything we do. We work actively to minimize our direct and indirect environmental impact. Conservation of natural resources and circular economy is taken into consideration in all our operations.

We do our best to consider the whole life cycle of the products and services we offer. Environmental work is implemented as part of our everyday work insofar as it is technically possible, commercially feasible and justified from the point of view of the environment. The maintenance and updating of the employees’ environmental knowledge is at the centre of this.

Our suppliers and service providers are also encouraged to operate in line with our environmental policy. They are expected to know and follow national legislation and directives and the standard demands of the industry. Our minimum demand for suppliers is that they handle dangerous materials and waste safely.

We are committed:

  • To abide by the Finnish and European Union’s environmental legislation and directives
  • To improve our employees’ knowledge of environmental matters and encourage them to minimize their environmental impact
  • Ongoing improvement – we are continuously searching for new ways to be more environment friendly

How we operate to achieve our goals:


  • We aim to streamline our logistics by optimizing our stock according to the needs of our customers
  • We pool customer’s orders to reduce deliveries as possible
  • We pay attention to chemical safety and abide by regulatory requirements for handling and transport of hazardous and dangerous chemicals
  • We re-use or recycle all packaging material
  • We strive to find more environment friendly packaging materials


  • We strive to reduce driving by combining customer visits, car-pooling and using public transportation
  • We prefer low emission company cars in line with AddLife’s car policy
  • We favour remote meetings when possible to reduce flying and driving.
  • We encourage our customers and suppliers to do the same


  • We avoid any unnecessary heating and cooling of our premises
  • We minimize energy usage where possible e.g. switching off unnecessary lights
  • Our head office uses geothermal heating and operates on electricity from wind power.

Office supplies and the use of paper

  • We minimize paper usage by using electronic marketing materials
  • We prefer electronic invoicing
  • We are in the process of moving to completely electronic record keeping with our new ERP system

Recycling – we recycle all our waste

  • Electronic waste
  • Chemical and other hazardous waste
  • Organic waste
  • Metal waste
  • Plastic waste
  • Paper and cardboard waste
  • Glass

We try to re-use or recycle all materials (e.g. arrived parcels, shredded paper etc.). Immuno Diagnostic Oy is registered with Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd as a responsible producer of packaging materials according to the EU directive 94/62/EY and the Council of State Decision 962/97.

Our aim is to be carbon neutral by 2035.

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