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Sample collection & preservation

Saliva, buccal sample and stool sample collection & stabilization

Flexible Sampling: Solutions for Storing and Shipping Your Samples in RT

For field-, home- and clinic-based sampling. Compatible with most downstream chemistries for DNA and RNA isolation.

Saliva samples

Isohelix GENEFIX™ CE-IVD saliva DNA collection device & stabilization buffer: DNA is stored for at least 5 years in RT. Read more

Isohelix GENEFIX™ saliva DNA microbiome collection device: Instant stabilization of the microbiome. The DNA is stored in RT at least 1 year. Read more


Buccal samples

Isohelix DNA/RNA buccal swabs (for skin, surface, tissue sampling etc.) are suitable for human and veterinary use. Store the swaps in RT for 2 years with BuccalFix Stabilization kit or 3,5 years with Dri-Capsules.



NEW Isohelix™ RapiDri™ Buccal Swabs with Self-Drying Pouch Moisture wicking RapiDri™ Pouch preserves the DNA swab for 3 months at room temperature. Includes also a barcoded sealing label. Read more

Stool samples

NEW StoolFix gut microbiome collection device includes a swab and a prefilled 2 ml stabilization buffer tube that protects the DNA integrity and maximizes DNA yield for months at room temperature. Read more


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