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Confocal and Super-Resolution Microscopes

Confocal Microscopes

Confocal microscopes from Leica Microsystems are partners in top level biomedical research and surface analysis in material science applications, offering unprecedented precision in three-dimensional imaging and exact examination of subcellular structures and dynamic processes.

High-speed imaging supplies the data for a wide range of integrated analytical techniques. Our confocal microscopes are based on a modular concept that enables flexible upgrading and integration of innovative technology all the way to the nano range with STED 3X.

Super-Resolution Microscopes and Nanoscopes

Living T cell in suspension. 3D reconstruction of confocal and STED stacks. Maximum projection. Courtesy of Marco Fritsche, Mathias Clausen and Christian Eggeling, MRC Human Immunology Unit, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford, UK.

Super-resolution microscopes and nanoscopes overcome the diffraction limit of light and allow investigators to study subcellular structures in greater detail than achieved with a standard confocal microscope. With the possibility of resolutions down to 30 nm with STED (Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2014) as well as sub-cellular dynamics can be studied at the nanoscale. Sub-diffraction colocalization analysis reveals interactions unprecedented detail. Enabling novel discoveries to be made in the fields of virology, immunology, neuroscience and cancer, super-resolution is on its way to becoming the new gold standard in light microscopy.

Your entry has never been easier than today with HyVolution 2 and Leica TCS SP8 STED ONE, STED 3X.

Live cell STED imaging with the new HC PL APO 93X/1.30 GLYC motCORR – STED WHITE. Cytoskeleton in living HeLa cell. Xyz stack with 62 slices confocal/STED planes. SiR tubulin. Depth color-coded.

The Option Machine:

Confocal laser scanning microscope Leica TCS SP8

No matter what you want to image, we have an SP8 to match your needs!

From live cell to quantitative imaging, from super-sensitivity to super-resolution, from multiphoton to light sheet imaging – with the Leica TCS SP8 Confocal platform you can always expand your possibilities. We build on a modular concept: Tailor your microscope to your current needs and upgrade additional functionalities at any time.

High-resolution Spectral Confocal for Daily Research and Routine Examinations:


The Leica TCS SPE confocal is a true point-scanning, spectral system at an affordable price for fluorescence imaging of live or fixed cells.

Providing all of the features needed for routine confocal techniques, it offers excellent quality imaging. The system is easy to use, and first results are quickly achieved, even by confocal novices.  The common Leica LAS X interface facilitates direct operation.

With its small footprint, the Leica TCS fits in every laboratory at common room conditions. The Leica TCS SPE is the only confocal in its class that provides true spectral detection suitable for lambda scan.