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We are partnering with leading suppliers in the industry. Our aim is to find the best solutions for each customer. Every customer from a small lab to high throughput central laboratory will find solutions which help them to work more efficiently. We offer tools for every microbiology laboratory.


Panther System

Experience freedom and control over your molecular testing workflow like never before with the Panther system from Hologic. This fully automated platform provides test consolidation, random-access sample loading and proven assay chemistry to deliver high performance and results you can trust. Assays currently available are e.g.

  • Chlamydia trachomatis (CT), neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG)
  • Trichomonas vaginalis assay
  • M.genitalium
  • HPV assay & HPV 16 18/45 Genotyping assays
  • Aptima HIV/HCV/HBV and HSV 1+2 assays





Panther Fusion – NEW system from Hologic!

Evolve your laboratory’s capability for molecular testing with the addition of the full Panther Fusion system or add the Panther Fusion module to your existing Panther® system.

The Panther Fusion® respiratory menu on the Panther Fusion® system offers strategic coverage of target analytes with patient-specific results. You can run 1, 2 or 3 assays from a single patient specimen.

  • Panther Fusion Flu A/B/RSV assay
  • Panther Fusion AdV/hMPV/RV assay
  • Panther Fusion Paraflu assay




Liofilchem®  MIC Test Strip

Liofilchem® produces microbial identification and susceptibility testing systems, MIC Test Strip, antibiotic discs in cartridges, dehydrated culture media, selective supplements, ready to use culture media in petri dish, tube, bottle and dip-slide, systems for the chemical and microbial screening in food, bio-indicators for sterilization process control systems. Read more on Liofilchem website


Hain Lifescience

Hain Lifescience offers the perfect solution for every problem with their extensive mycobacteria product series, based on DNA•STRIP technology (reverse hybridization). High diagnostic reliability is assured by the combination of a specific amplification with subsequent hybridization. In addition Hain offers other tests for human genetics, virology and bacteriology, e.g.:

  • GenoType CM 2.0
  • GenoType AS
  • GenoType NTM-DR
  • GenoType MTBDRsl
  • GenoType MTBDRplus
  • GenoType MTBC
  • GenoType LepraeDR

New! GenoType CMdirect

Starting from sputum specimens, GenoType CMdirect allows for the rapid and reliable differentiation of M. tuberculosis complex and NTM. Besides, the simultaneous detection of more than 20 clinically relevant NTM species is also possible.

Coris Bioconcept

Coris Bioconcept offers a wide range of rapid tests for virus diagnostics as well as bacterial diagnostics.


Read more on Coris Bioconcept website



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