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Digital Microscopes

Digital Microscopes / 3D Display Microscopes

Digital microscopes are microscopes without eyepieces. A digital camera acts as a detector. Images are displayed on a screen or monitor, turning the microscopy workstation into an ergonomic computer workplace.

Inspection, documentation, and analysis without eyepieces

For inspection, documentation, and analyses such as measurement in 2D and 3D as well as 3D topographies in surface metrology, they have become increasingly popular in production, quality control and quality assurance, failure analysis, research and development as well as forensics. Digital microscopes even have their areas of application in the life sciences.



EMSPIRA 3 provides an easy and simple way to document, compare, measure and share images. Suitable for experienced and novice microscope users!

A fast 4k live image (60fps) allows for quick viewing of subjects and a 12Mp camera sensor for detailed documentation.

The optical design of the device includes parfocal 8:1 coded zoom optics, the user does not have to worry about choosing the right calibration value. Coded zoom speeds up measurements and virtually eliminates the possibility of human error.

  • Adaptive interface
  • Integrated measuring functions, digital scale bars, etc. for live image and customized comparison views (side-by-side/overlay)
  • Versatile image storage and sharing options: USB, WLAN, Ethernet, email
  • Also available with touch screen
  • IP21 housing allows use in challenging conditions

Leica DVM6

Ease of use: One step from macro to micro

With the DVM6, you can get from the big picture to smallest details in an instant. You can seamlessly carry on working even if changing objective is required, as the sample always stays in focus and no pre-adjustments are needed. With the tilting function you can observe your sample from different angles from up to ±60°.

Why the Leica DVM6 saves you time

  • 16:1 zoom range makes changing between magnifications fast
  • 2350x magnification shows you details down to 0.4 micrometers on the same microscope
  • Horizontal field of view ranges from 35 mm to 0.18 mm at same focus level

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