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Popular antibodies from Immuno – Spring Offer!

BIOSS – Quality Antibody Promotion Popular and high-quality antibodies with -25% As a reputable antibody manufacturer and supplier, Bioss has been dedicated to providing  customers…

BIO X6 for bioprinting of complex constructs

BIO X6™ 3D bioprinter with six exchangeable printheads WHY? BIO X6™ 3D bioprinter is a benchtop platform for bioprinting the most complex constructs easily. It…

Future of research – Printing life

Printing life nucleic acid by nucleic acid Synthetize DNA & RNA fragments, clones and variant libraries in your own lab. A game-changer in many labs…

Bioinks for 3D cell culture

WHAT IS A BIOINK? In bioprinting, a bioink is any natural or synthetic polymer selected for its biocompatible components and favorable rheological properties. These characteristics…

Accelerate your microbiome studies with us!

The microbiome is a fascinating and rapidly growing field of study. Complex microbial communities, whether in the air, water, soil, plants, or symbiosis with humans,…

Solutions for Flow Cytometry

Bioss antibodies Kick-off Promotion 2021: -15% discount on all Bioss conjugated antibodies! Bioss conjugation dyes are fast and exciting Isotype controls also available Use the…