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Cell Counters, Image Cytometers & Analysis systems

Nexcelom Bioscience offers high quality automated cell counters and image cytometers. These instruments are suitable for bright field cell counting and fluorescent viability studies but can also be utilized for many other research applications eg. 3D cell culture, migration/invasion and immuno-oncology.

Fluorescent Automated Cell Counters – Cellometer

Automated cell counters with fluorescent optics modules to determine viability while automatically excluding debris. Cellometer has counted over 2,000 cell types, and the list is growing!

Cellometer K2

  • Especially for complex primary samples like hepatocytes, stem cells, splenocytes, tumor suspension
  • Ability to export to FCS Express for cell population analysis. Optional GMP/GLP software is available. Read more

Cellometer Auto 2000

  • All-in-one touchscreen
  • dual-fluorescence cell counter optimized for analysis of primary cells from peripheral blood, cord blood, bone marrow, and other complex samples.
  • Features preconfigured one-touch assays for a variety of samples. Read more


Cellometer Spectrum

Advanced, modular cell counter capable of running cell-based assays utilizing fluorescent reagents and kits. Customizable for specific assays/reagents of interest. Read more


*Cellometer X1/X2 optimised for counting and assessing the viability and vitality of brewers yeast. Also with high magnification optimal for wine yeast, platelets and other small cell types
** Cellometer Auto T4 trypan blue assessment of cell lines


High-throughput Cell Counter – Cellaca

Count 24 samples ( 25 ul) in 48 seconds with trypan blue or in 2.5 minutes with fluorescence using a plate-based format. Cellaca comes with fast autofocus and up to five fluorescent filters. Read more

Data output at a single cell level enables you to do cell-based assays:

  • apoptosis
  • mitochondrial membrane potential
  • protein expression (GFP, RFP)
  • reactive oxygen species (ROS)


Image Cytometry Cell Analysis Systems – Celigo Image Cytometer

Celigo is a plate-based brightfield and fluorescent imaging system designed for whole-well live-cell analysis and cell sample characterization.

  • Compatible with adherent and suspension cells.
  • Brightfield and up to Four Fluorescent Channels (UV to Far Red)
  • Powerful Image Analysis Software with flow-like data output
  • High-Speed Imaging: Less than 2 minutes per 384-well plate
  • High throughput: Stacker automation with up to 50 plates

Format Compatibility:

  • 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384, 1536 well plates
  • T-25 and T-75 flasks
  • Slides and cell array plate profiles available upon request

Celigo Applications:

  • Cell Counting
  • Fluorescence
  • Migration /Invasion
  • 3D models
  • Immuno-Oncology
  • Virology assays
  • Cell Line Developmental

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