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TransFix® is used to stabilise whole blood for flow cytometry and blood donor screening, plus Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF), Bone Marrow and Fine Needle Aspirates. It is available in several formats including blood or CSF sample storage tubes, direct draw vacuum blood collection tubes, and bulk volumes. Read more on Cytomark website



Diagast is the worldwide leader in development of reagents and instrumentation systems that aim to ensure donor and patient compatibility during blood transfusions.

As an expert that designs, produces and supplies immunohematology products, Diagast focuses on two main activities: transfusion and distribution. Through its transfusion activity, Diagast is a partner of blood banks, hospitals and laboratories (the American Red Cross has tested twelve million donors with Diagast reagents, and these reagents have been approved and used by many laboratories throughout the world). Diagast supplies monoclonal antibodies to IH manufacturers worldwide. Read more on Diagast website


Helena Biosciences

Helena Biosciences’ unparallelled clinical diagnostics experience extends over thirty years, driven by a commitment to innovation, value and the best customer service. Electrophoresis and Haemostasis solutions are tailored, affordable and technologically advanced.

Nothing demonstrates this more than the new V8 — an extensible platform offering eight-channel, next-generation capillary analysis, allied to revolutionary improvements to workflow, consumables and sample management. Read more on Helena Biosciences website

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