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We offer high quality reagents and instruments for cell and molecular biology research: DNA and RNA isolation, NGS, PCR, qPCR, cloning and enzymes. Wide range of ELISA kits from several suppliers for all research areas. Instruments and consumables for histology, detection kits and antibodies for IHC. Cell culture reagents, for example sera, media, cells and other reagents. In addition tests and equipments for food and environmental analytics.

Need inspiration for your specific research area? We gathered comprehensive solutions for your needs, scroll further to see the different topics.

Accelerate your microbiome studies with us!

Comprehensive solutions for single cell research

Need a robust solution for cDNA synthesis and amplification?

Are you working with RNA and focusing especially on miRNAs? Read more.

Accelerate your virus studies with us!


Blog about research, people and life

Our life science research team is blogging about interesting themes, e.g. diabetes, NGS, CRISPR, OCT and 3D cell culture. Some of the blog posts are in Finnish, but if you’re keen on the subject we are happy to tell you more! Please let us know if you want to be part of this blog, and let’s blog together e.g. about your research topic!

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Anni Kivinen

Product Manager, NGS & Molecular Biology

Tuula Aaltonen, Ph.D.

Sales Manager

Eveliina Markkula, Ph.D.

Quality Manager and Application Specialist

Annu Lohikoski

Product Manager, Pathology and Histology

Markku Saari

Product Manager, Microscopy and Imaging

Vesa Ylöstalo

Product Manager, Microscopy and Imaging