Oligos, primers, probes and genes


Metabion provides top quality oligonucleotides for applications such as PCR, qPCR, NGS and RNA work. Metabion provides a wide variety of labels and modifications for your qPCR applications, high performance NGS primers for all currently used NGS platforms and applications. Order your oligos in single tubes or on 96 well plates. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you need customized oligo solutions.

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Metabion’s high quality antisense oligos:

  • Phosphorothioate (PTOs)/phosphodiester chimera
  • 2′-O-Methyl RNA


ZNA Oligos

Zip nucleic acids (ZNAs) are oligonucleotides conjugated with cationic spermine units. Spermine units decrease the electrostatic repulsion between single strand nucleic acids (i.e. between primer/probe and target DNA during annealing). As a result, ZNA primers and probes have higher affinity to their targets, compared to unmodified oligonucleotides.

Moreover, the global charge of a ZNA oligonucleotide-oligocation can be modulated by specifying the number of cationic spermine moieties attached to the nucleic acid oligomer. The Tm of ZNAs increases linearly with the length of the oligocation. Therefore, it is possible to easily predict the melting temperature (Tm) of ZNA-DNA or ZNA-RNA hybrids.

ZNA can be used in applications like:

  • PCR, Real-Time PCR, RT-PCR
  • Microarrays/Capture probing
  • Northern blot/Dot Blot
  • In situ hybridization (ISH)
  • Blocking of alleles (clamp PCR)
  • NGS