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Beads from Bangs Laboratories

Uniform polymer, silica and magnetic microsphere products for diagnostic, research and flow cytometry applications. The broad portfolio includes also beads that support validation and QC programs of analytical instruments such as fluorescent, count, size and cell viability standards.

See the most popular bead types here!

BioMag®Plus Concanavalin A beads for isolation of glycoproteins from serum or cell lysate

Streptavidin- and SuperAvidin™ coated microspheres for binding biotinylated antibodies, peptides, and oligonucleotides to be used in diagnostics, screening and affinity purification

VIACHECK™ viability and concentration standards for confirming cell count and viability with instruments like Vi-Cell, CEDEX Hi Res and Countess

All Bangs beads:

  • Polystyrene Microspheres
  • Fluorescent Microspheres
  • Dyed Microspheres
  • Silica Microspheres
  • Affinity Ligand Coated Microspheres
  • Magnetic Microspheres & Particles
  • Magnetic Isolation Products & Kits
  • Instrument Standards
  • Flow Cytometry beads
  • Accessory Reagents
  • Coupling Kits
  • Bargain Beads


New products!

Bangs Magnefy™ – NEW SPRI-beads with equivalent performance at a more economical price

Magnetic particles are used extensively in nucleic acid isolations, and we are proud to present Bangs’ newest magnetic particle offering – Magnefy™. Magnefy offer an additional performance-driven solid phase for magnetic particle-based assays and isolations, including SPRI-based total DNA isolation.

The Magnefy beads are intended for molecular-based nucleic acid isolation applications but will find utility in various clinical diagnostic assay applications.

Which magnetic beads to choose?

See the detailed information about the magnetic beads in the link: Magnetic beads.


Bangs ViaCheck™ Viability and Concentration Standards – SingleShots™

  • ViaCheck™ SingleShots™, affordable single-use QC
  • Mix, dispense & run for confirmation of live/dead ratios and counts
  • Single-use tubes minimize error and maximize efficiency
  • ViaCheck have been successfully used with instruments such as the Vi-Cell, CEDEX Hi Res, Countess, etc.

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Homogenization Beads

Bead Beating tubes
Bead Beating Tubes, Omni International

OMNI International  provides Prefilled Beads or Bulk Beads and Tubes for Homogenizers! The tubes are nuclease free or nuclease & microbial DNA free as well as compatible with most homogenizers.

  • Sizes: 0,5-50 ml & 96 Strip-Well Tubes
  • Material: Class, Ceramic, Garnet or Metal


Read more about the sample homogenization!