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Cell Culture Reagents & Cells

XENO-FREE Hydrogels for 3D Cell Culture

Our new supplier TheWell Bioscience offers functional Xeno-Free hydrogels for 3D cell culture – from spheroids to comprehensive organoid and co-culture models to functional assays and in vivo studies. These hydrogels closely mimic the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) environment and give an outstanding balance of biological functions. Explore the full potential of 3D cell culture research! Learn more about VitroGel from the product catalog.

VitroGel® Ready-To-Use Hydrogels

User-friendly, xeno-free functional hydrogel for 3D cell culture research. The hydrogel is room temperature stable, has a neutral pH, transparent, permeable and compatible with different imaging systems. Optimized formulations for multiple applications for organoids, stem cell spheroids, invasion assay, angiogenesis assay, and more.

JUST ADD CELLS: Each ready-to-use VitroGel can mixed with cell suspension directly. Read more.

VitroGel® High Concentration Hydrogels

Hydrogels offer a set of building blocks to create a functional micro-environment that closely mimics the natural ECM. The tunability of the hydrogel gives the ability to create an optimized environment for cell growth.

  • Simply mixing with the cell culture medium
  • No cross-linking agent is required
  • Cells cultured can be easily harvested
  • The hydrogel is also injectable for in vivo studies

Choose hydrogels with functional ligands such as RGD, collagen, laminin and MMP.

“Mix & Match” Unique to the VitroGel system is the ability to customized multi-functional hydrogel by blending different types of VitroGel together. Read more

VITROINK® is a XENO-FREE Biofunctional Bioink System

A new generation of bioink system that can bioprint

  • without UV or heat curing or chemical cross-linking
  • maintain near 100% cell viability
  • support cell-matrix interactions with a wide range of functional bioinks, read more.


Reagents and hemocytometers for cell counting

Nexcelom Bioscience

Nexcelom Bioscience offers a wide range of fluorescent reagents, such as AO-PI kits for better viability counts, kits for cell counting and cell-based assays (apoptosis, cell cycle, proliferation) and disposable hemocytometers. Nexcelom Bioscience offers also high quality automated cell counters and image cytometers. Read more

Serum, media and other reagents for cell culture

We offer a broad range of high quality sera (human, FBS, other species), and also high quality serum-free systems and serum supplements from PAN-Biotech. PAN- Biotech provides different media and special media (cell specific media, insect media, stem cell media), as well as supplements, antibiotics and other reagents for cell culture.

Various growth factors, small molecules and other reagents for cell differentiation are available from ReproCELL Group Company  under brands of Stemolecule™, Stemgent® and Koken®AcroBiosystems ActiveMax® cytokines are produced in human cells without substances of animal or human origin which makes them especially suitable for human cell culture.

ReproCELL Group offers also a wide range of products for 3D cell culture. For example the Alvetex Scaffold and Strata 3D cell culture scaffolds made of highly porous polystyrene. The Alvetex® are easy to use and compatible with common cell culture plates.


Idylle Labs

Innovative products for cell and molecular biology and advanced microscopy, for example:


and more coming soon!

  • BrightER: A bright photostable ER stain for live cell imaging
  • DNAbsolute: A high yield and plastic-free way to purify genomic DNA
  • SpeheroRuler: Blinking spheres for dSTORM quality control
  • Phimask: Instrumentation to turn your single molecule localization microscopy images from 2D into 3D

Read more




Mycoplasma detection and prevention

Tools for mycoplasma detection, elimination and prevention from Minerva Biolabs:


Venor®GeM Classic is a PCR-based mycoplasma test that allows fast, reliable and time-saving routine monitoring of mycoplasma contamination. In case of contamination there is an effective Mynox®Gold reagent available for treating your valuable cells.

For prevention of mycoplasma infections Mycoplasma-Off™ wipes are the simple solution for cleaning and disinfecting a variety of laboratory surfaces at the same time.

Minerva Biolabs

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