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ELISA kits and instruments

The World’s Most Compact Plate Reader

Byonoy GmbH

The Absorbance 96 is the first microplate reader on the market to contain 96 individual detection units. A range of 400-1000 nm allows for a wide variety of wavelength combinations for both endpoint and kinetic assays.

Main Features:

  • high quality results
  • 4 long-life LEDs, freely selectable
  • solid-state technology, no moving parts
  • maintenance-free
  • fast readout speed


  • Protein assays – Bradford, BCA, Lowry
  • Cell-based assays – MTT, XTT, Cell density

A simple USB connection provides both the power supply and access to the analysis software via plug-and-play.

The footprint of the Absorbance 96 is almost as small as the microplate itself, thereby fitting into every lab, saving valuable bench space and providing unprecedented flexibility.

ELISA microplate workstations

Dynex Technologies

Dynex Technologies, Inc., is a leading designer and manufacturer of fully-automated ELISA microplate workstations, laboratory instruments and associated consumables and accessories, seamlessly integrating advanced detection with fully-automated sample handling.
DS2 and DSX are designed for clinical, research and industrial labs and performs the full complement of analytic; adding samples and reagents, washing, incubation and absorbance detection

  • Quickly and easily processes up to two (DS2) or up to  four (DSX) 96-well microplates and up to 12 different assays simultaneously
  • The most advanced and user-friendly control system available, designed with full walk-away capability, sample ID-bar code reading, chain-of-custody and instrument self-diagnostics. Read more on Dynex Technologies website

Multiplex-ELISAs and Imaging

Quansys Biosciences

Multiplexed ELISA kits, called Q-Plex™ measure the concentration of multiple proteins in each sample. Quantify cytokines, chemokines, hormones, and other common disease indicating proteins with standard or custom kits. Q-Plex Arrays are built by printing nano spots in defined arrays of multiple distinct capture antibodies in each well of a multiwell plate. Multiplexed ELISAs have been developed to provide the sensitivity of ELISA with the ability to test for multiple analytes at the same time. With Q-Plex scientists can measure up to 20 distinct analytes in each well of a 96-well plate.

The Q-View Imager LS is a high quality, low-cost chemiluminescent imager, that supports 96-well to 384-well plate based chemiluminescent imaging. Read more on Quansys Biosciences website

ELISA kits for all research areas

In addition many ELISA kits for cancer research, infectious diseases and immunology research. You’ll find more products in our webshop. We also offer product search service. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

Other Assay Kits

In addition to ELISA assays we offer other ready to use assays for many research areas.


Zeulab offers ELISAs and rapid tests for detection of allergens in food. In addition microbiological tests for screening of antibiotics in food matrices, and rapid enzymatic tests for determination of toxins in food and water samples.