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Master mixes, polymerases and lab decontamination

ConviFlex™ DNAmp Mix (191-0025, 191-0100, 191-0250, Minerva Biolabs) is a universal master mix for endpoint PCR and qPCR protocols.

ConviFlex™ RT-Taq Mix (192-0025, 192-0100, 192-0250, Minerva Biolabs) is a lyophilized, one-step RT-PCR master mix, consisting of all core components required for reverse transcription and PCR amplification: a MuLV (murine leukemia virus) reverse transcriptase, a hot-start Taq polymerase, and dNTPs, pre-mixed and lyophilized.

MB Taq Polymerase 1 Unit/µl (53-1050, 53-1100, 53-1200, 53-1250, Minerva Biolabs) or 5 Units/µl (53-0050, 53-0100, 53-0200, 53-0250) for routine and multiplex PCR; real-time PCR; T/A cloning; DNA labeling with biotin, digoxygenin or radioactive nucleotides; sequencing of double or single stranded DNA.

  • PCR Clean Spray 250 ml (15-2025)
  • PCR Clean wipes 50 pcs (15-2001)


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Successful PCR the first time and every time!

Failsafe™ Enzyme blend

LGC Failsafe™ Enzyme blend (FS99060) is suitable for routine PCR, Multiplex PCR, GC-rich templates and for targets up to 20 kb. High accuracy with 3-fold lower error rate than Taq DNA polymerase. Read more from the protocol.

Enzyme Selection Guide

Versatile Enzyme Selection: DNA and RNA polymerases, Reverse Transcriptases. Nucleases, Ligases etc. Load the catalogue from here.

Enzyme catalog

Plant pathogen diagnostic testing

Validated PCR and qPCR tests for plant pathogen diagnostic testing from Bioreba.

  • Products for testing potatoes, grapevines, fruit trees, small fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and field crops.

  • Available for more than 100 different pathogens: viruses, bacteria, fungi and phytoplasma.
  • Multiplex kits for detecting several pathogens at the same time!

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