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Food & Environmental Analytics

Tests and Instruments for Food and Environmental Analytics


Allergens and Toxins

Zeulab offers ELISAs and rapid tests for detection of allergens in food. In addition microbiological tests for screening of antibiotics in food matrices, and rapid enzymatic tests for determination of toxins in food and water samples.

Demeditec’s food analytics test kits (ELISA) allow a high-sensitive detection of residues, constituents and microbiological contaminants in food and feed. ELISA kits enable a reliable and economical detection of numerous analytes like: mycotoxins, allergens, antibiotics, vitamins and histamines.


Serial dilution with the Dilucup system

Swedish LabRobot offers serial dilution of microbial samples with the dilucup system. The Dilushaker III Digital has been developed in order to guaranty a smooth and effective use of Dilucups. LabRobot offers a range of 3 standard Dilucup Elegance products. Want to see how it works, please watch this video here

NEW!  Dilugent® Shaker offered in three versions: Dilugent® Shaker Light, Dilugent® Shaker, Dilugent® Shaker Pro. Standard version allows users to trace their operations through an export of data via USB memory. The Pro version offers full connectivity and advanced programming.  Read more.


Plant virus Diagnostics

BioReba provides serological and molecular analyses of plant pathogens, and also special equipment and disposables for the preparation of plant samples and liquid handling (Manual and semi-automated homogenizers and equipments for preparation of plant samples). Products for testing potatoes, grapevines, fruit trees, small fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and field crops.

NEW! PCR macroarray Potato virus Kit for multiplex detection of potato viruses PVA, PVM, PVS, PVX, PVY (O- and N-type), PLRV, PMTV and PSTVd.


Microscopes and Cameras from Leica

Microscopes and cameras for food and environmental analytics from Leica MicrosystemsRead more about Leica’s product range here

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