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Competent cells, Cloning & Enzymes

Competent cells

General cloning, Gibson Assembly and High-throughput cloning

High efficiency cells results in high colony counts. Use LGC´s high efficiency E. cloni ® 10 G and 10 GF´ chemically competent and electrocompetent cells to replace standard cloning strains such as DH5alpha™, DH10B™, JM109, TOP10, XL1-Blue etc.

Codex-DNA Vmax™ X2 Competent cells are derived from one of the fastest growing organisms on earth: the gram-negative, non-pathogenic marine bacterium, Vibrio natriegens 14048 dns::LacI-T7-RNAP.

  • Strain type: T7 expression strain
  • Transformation efficiency: 107 CFU/μg DNA
  • Chemically competent
  • Available: 5, 10 or 20 reactions, More info

CRISPR Lentiviral Guide Libraries

Endura™ competent cells
for repetitive sequences are recommended in CRISPR GeCKO library protocols.

Competent Cell Selection Guide

Download the Competent Cell Selection Guide to make it easier to choose the right cell line for your needs.


GENERAL CLONING: CloneSmart® Cloning Kits

  • Pre-processed vectors eliminate the need for digestion, gel purification, and dephosphorylation
  • Transcription terminators flanking cloning site stabilize otherwise toxic inserts
  • Choice of copy number and antibiotic resistance
  • Use with E. cloni® 10G electrocompetent or chemically competent cells



  • Maximum insert stability
  • Efficiently clone any insert up to 30 kb
  • Create libraries from A/T-rich or G/C-rich genomes
  • Clone gene clusters or operons
  • Inducible copy number


LGS´s Enzymes are selected to meet your molecular biology and NGS needs:

DNA polymerases e.g. NxGen® phi29 DNA polymerase, Exo-Minus Klenow DNA polymerase, FailSafe™ enzyme, EconoTaq® DNA polymerase.
RNA polymerases e.g.  NxGen® T7 RNA polymerase, T7 R&DNA™ polymerase
Reverse transcriptases e.g. MMLV High Performance reverse transcriptase, NxGen® M-MuLV reverse transcriptase, EpiScript™ RNase H- reverse transcriptase.
DNA endonuclease: Baseline-ZERO™ DNase & RNase-free DNase
DNA exonucleases: exonuclease I, III ja VII ja Plasmid-Safe™ ATP-Dependent DNase.
RNA nucleases: e.g. RNase A, I & R
DNA/RNA nucleases: e.g. Terminator™ 5′-Phosphate-Dependent exonuclease
Lysozyme: Ready-Lyse™ lysozyme
Ligases: e.g.  NxGen® T4 DNA Ligase ja CircLigase® ssDNA Ligase
Fosfatases & kinases: e.g. RNA 5′ polyfosfatase, T4 polynucleotide kinase
Endonucleases (RNA-guided): e.g. CRISPRcraft™ S.p. Cas9 nuclease
RNase-inhibitors: e.g. NxGen® RNase inhibitors

Available also in bulk volumes for heavy users. Read more from the Enzymes for molecular biology catalog.

Enzyme catalog