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DNA & RNA isolation

We offer high quality DNA & RNA isolation kits for research and diagnostics. In addition Omni Bead Ruptor Bead Mill homogenizers to extract DNA or RNA from soil, feces, bacterial cells, fungal cells or tissues, and products for immediate stabilization, shipping, short-term preservation of nucleic acids and also for long-term stabilization of nucleic acids.

RBC Bioscience makes DNA and RNA extraction easy!

RBC Bioscience manufactures instruments and kits for nucleic acid extraction. Automated instruments come in two different sizes, handling 1 to 48 samples per run.

DNA and RNA extraction kits come in a wide variety, including kits for

  • blood samples
  • FFPE samples*
  • plants
  • urine samples
  • gut microbiome
  • and many more

*) the FFPE protocol automatically takes care of paraffin melting – no need for manual work.


The kits come in strips like the one shown above. The strip is inserted into the device and no additional steps are needed. MagCore kits are compatible with all MagCore instruments.

Contact us for a MagCore Plus II demo!


Choose Safety – DNA Purification with Non-Toxic Reagents

TISSUE SAMPLES & FFPE: MasterPure™ Column-free purification of DNA, RNA or both in 30-60 minutes. Suitable for cultured cells, tissues, buffy coat, E. coli, insects etc.

SALIVA & BUCCAL SAMPLES: Get better yields with Cell Projects’ products: Isohelix Buccal-Prep Plus DNA Isolation Kit for buccal swaps and BuccalFix Plus DNA Isolation Kit for samples stored in BuccalFix stabilization buffers. Read more from the following brochures:


BLOOD SAMPLES – SMALL CASE: Sbeadex® blood magnetic microparticles for automated high-throughput DNA purification from heparin, citrate and EDTA blood samples or buffy coat. Applicable for open robotic platforms like KingFisher and Tecan as well as liquid handlers. For blood or buffy coat samples up to 10 ml we offer MasterPure™ DNA purification kit.

CELL-FREE DNA EXTRACTION: Extract high-quality cfDNA from plasma, serum, and urine samples with magnetic bead-based DNA extraction kit cfPure from BioChain.

DNA & RNA Extraction – PCR Ready nucleic acids in Minutes

Customized RNA purification – purify total RNA or small and large RNA fractions

MasterPure™: Column-free purification of DNA, RNA or both in 30-60 minutes. Suitable for cultured cells, tissues, buffy coat, E. coli, insects etc.

Purify total RNA or small and large RNA fractions for all downstream applications with Lexogen Split RNA Extraction Kit.

Lexogen’s Efficient RNA Extraction Kit is Now Also Available for Blood Samples!

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