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Instruments for Histology

We offer histology equipments for every stage in laboratory workflow; tissue processors, microtomes,  cryostats, tissue embedders, cassette and slide printers, IHC instruments, xylene and other solvent recycling systems. Choose the solution that helps you meet your workflow and quality targets.

Tissue Processors

Leica tissue processors help you simultaneously increase quality and throughput with built-in quality, reliability and tissue protection. So choose the right instrument for your workload to maximize efficiency and protect critical patient tissue. Read more on Leica Biosystems website

Leica Peloris II

The Optimized Solution for Efficiency, Productivity and Flexibility 

With PELORIS II, your laboratory can enjoy the confidence of high-quality results while addressing new workflow challenges like reduced turnaround times, lean lab processes and same day diagnosis.

A range of dedicated smart consumables adds extra value with cassettes that eliminate biopsy pads, solid Parablocks wax for easy wax handling, and reagents to completely eliminate xylene. Read more on Leica Biosystems website

Leica ASP6025

The ASP6025 supports diagnostic clarity thanks to an optimized reagent management system and validated processing protocols. Built-in safety features and reagent quality control deliver specimen protection and accurate processing results. ASP6025 provides greater productivity with rapid turnaround times. Read more on Leica Biosystems website

Leica ASP300 S

Designed for routine and research histopathology of up to 300 cassettes. Straightforward routine user operations by an intuitive user interface, color touch screen and a variety of “smart” features, such as Reagent Management System and quick start for commonly used programs, improve specimen quality and laboratory economy. Read more on Leica Biosystems website

Microtomes and Vibratomes

Cut each block carefully and maintain critical diagnostic detail. Choose the rotary microtome that lets you get the best possible section from every block, also big and hard tissues. Leica microtomes have safety and ergonomic features. Leica Biosystems Microtome Comparison Guide

Leica RM2255

Designed for fully motorized sectioning of both paraffin- and resin-embedded specimens, the Leica RM2255 supports a broad spectrum of applications; in routine and research laboratories; in histology; in industrial materials and quality control. Its two-in-one design concept, which allows motorized and manual sectioning, provides reproducible high-quality sections. The optional large 70mm vertical stroke allows sectioning of super mega cassettes. Read more on Leica Biosystems website

Leica RM2265

The RM2265 is Leica Biosystems’ top-of-the-line fully motorized and programmable rotary microtome designed primarily to satisfy the requirements of biomedical research sectioning hard to semi-soft materials and customers needing to section industrial materials for quality assurance and materials defects analysis. Read more on Leica Biosystems website

Leica Vibratomes

Leica’s vibrating microtomes (vibratomes) let you accurately cut tissue without freezing or embedding. These precise instruments maintain cell morphology as well as enzyme and cell activity to provide more viable cells per slice. Read more on Leica Biosystems website


Leica CM1950

The Leica CM1950 is a highly adaptable platform that can be tailor-made for each laboratory. By starting with the standard instrument and choosing from a range of options, every laboratory can have THE clinical cryostat for their individual needs. Innovation, ergonomic design and human-oriented features provide a cryostat with a new level of performance. UVC disinfection minimizes risk of contamination by infectious material. Read more on Leica Biosystems website

Leica CM3050 S

Primarily designed for the demanding needs of cryosectioning in biomedical, neuro-anatomical and pharmaceutical research. The Leica CM3050 S cryostat features superior user comfort with excellent safety standards for practically all types of cryosectioning applications. Read more on Leica Biosystems website

Cassette and Slide Printers

Choose the right solution to reduce errors and improve patient safety in your laboratory. We provide cassette and slide printers for every purposes. For example Leica’s High capacity printers IP C for centralized, high-volume cassette labeling and IP S for centralized, high-volume slide labeling. Read more on Leica Biosystems website


Signature Slide Printer prints directly onto slides for more efficient and more accurate processing of lab specimens. Low cost, high speed and compact.
Signature Cassette Printer – Both manual and fully automated systems are available. Print directly onto cassettes for more efficient and more accurate processing of lab specimens. Read more on Primera Technologies website

Xylene Recycling Systems

CBG Biotech

CBG fractional distillation solvent recyclers offer you the ability to recycle and reuse xylene, xylene substitutes, alcohol and formalin from your tissue processors and/or stainers. Cost savings occur through major reductions in solvent purchases and reduced waste solvent disposal costs. CBG solvent recyclers are designed as a push-start and walk-away system. Less than 15 minutes is needed per run, including time for loading the waste solvent into the unit and hitting the start button. By reducing hazardous waste, you will also directly reduce or maintain a low waste generator status. Read more on CBG Biotech website

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