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Birthday offer: AdipoGen products -20%

Birthday offer: AdipoGen products -20%

Immuno Diagnostic Oy turns 40 this year and we have several campaigns coming up to celebrate our anniversary with our customers!

For starters we offer -20% discount on AdipoGen Life Sciences product family including the following brands: Chemodex, JalCA and Chimerigen. All these 3 promotions are valid until June 30th, 2023.

Promotion 1: Small Molecules from Chemodex

Chemodex is an expert in the synthesis of fluorescent substances derived from fluorophores such as coumarin, fluorescein, rhodamine and pyrene.

  • Cellular Sensors, Ion and pH Indicators
  • Near Infrared Fluorescent Dyes for In Vivo Imaging
  • Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Detection
  • Nucleic Acid Detection Probes – Cell Viability Dyes
  • Stains for Cellular Organelles & Processes
  • Quorum Sensing Agents and Inhibitors.

All Chemodex Fluorescent Reagents & Fine Chemicals mentioned in the Mini-Catalog now -20%. Please use the Promo Code: ID40_Chemodex

Promotion 2: Adipogen ELISA Kits

ELISA Kits Focusing on Emerging Research Fields:

  • Metabolic Syndrome Biomarkers
  • Inflammatory Diseases Biomarkers
  • Cancer & Autoimmune Diseases Biomarkers

Check new kits from Adipogen eg. Human Asprosin, CD40L, FNDC4, IL-36alpha. All these ELISAs in the Mini-Catalog now -20%. Please use the promo code: ID40_AdipogenELISA

Promotion 3: Neuroscience Research Products

AdipoGen offers a broad range of unique tools for neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration research. Includes ELISAs, proteins and other reagents eg.

  • Irisin-related reagents
  • Highly Active Human IL-33 Proteins
  • Biologically Active Human Netrin-1
  • NLRP3 Inflammasome Starter Sets
  • Unique progranulin ELISA Kits and proteins
  • Potential anti-Alzheimer Agent

All products in Neuroscience Research brochure now -20%. Please use the Promo Code: ID40_Neuro