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Check the NEW qPCR solutions from TATAA Biocenter!

Start the new year browsing the portfolio of our new supplier TATAA from Sweden. From TATAA, great solutions for qPCR, miRNA analysis and NGS. TATAA also organizes useful courses to update your knowledge from different laboratory methods.

qPCR Mastermixes

High quality GrandMaster® Mixes:

  • Highest efficiency and sensitivity
  • Very high stability
  • Suitable also for single cells
  • SYBR, EvaGreen, Probe, Multiplex – trial size available!

qPCR quality control reagents:

Alu-assays – quality control of circulating cell free DNA. Specific, validated qPCR assays targeting human consensus Alu sequences.

ValidPrime-assay – the most time and cost saving control for gDNA contamination of large RT-qPCR experiments. Replaces the need to perform “no reverse transcriptase” controls in your real-time quantitative PCR profiling.

Spike controls – detect inhibition in qPCR. Spike your samples with alien-DNA, run the qPCR and detect any inhibition. Spike with RNA and you can detect inhibition in both the qPCR and RT step.

Reference Gene Panels. A ready-made panel for 12 different reference genes saves you the hassle of having to design and validate assays you will only need once. Available for human, mouse and rat.

BOXTO dye. A control for primer dimers in probe based qPCR assays.

cDNA Synthesis

GrandScript cDNA Synthesis Kit & cDNA SuperMix.
SuperMix is a sensitive and easy to use 1-tube solution for cDNA synthesis. Includes all components for cDNA synthesis.


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