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Do you want to analyze RNA kinetics & metabolism in your cells?

Access RNA kinetics within cultured cells! Much easier than e.g. GRO-seq

To measure RNA kinetics, which transcripts are newly synthetized (nascent) and which are degraded, can be investigated with Lexogen SLAMseq solution. SLAMseq is a highly sensitive method for time-resolved measurement of newly synthesized and existing RNA in cultured cells, adherent cells, 3D scaffolds, by metabolic labeling and RNA sequencing.

How this works in practice? Five easy steps to get access the RNA kinetics of your samples:

1. Treat your cells with S4U (4-Thiouridine) reagent
• To optimize the treating conditions, use the Explorer Kit – Cell Viability Titration Module
• To measure S4U uptake and incorporation rates, use the Explorer Kit – S4U Incorporation Module
2. If you want to measure nascent RNA expression, use the Kinetics KitAnabolic Kinetics Module
3. If you want to analyze RNA degradation rates instead, use the Kinetics KitCatabolic Kinetics Module
4. Extract SLAMseq treated total-RNA, and perform lib prep with e.g. QuantSeq 3’mRNA-seq kit (by yourself or in a NGS core facility)
5. Data analysis also facilitated: user-friendly SLAMdunk software available on the BlueBee Genomics Platform


Complete metabolic RNA-Seq solution – from RNA labeling to NGS library preparation and data analysis!

No pull-down or biochemical isolation required! Only two steps in addition to a standard RNA-seq experiment:

  • Labeling of nascent RNA by incubation of cell-cultures with 4SU containing media
  • Alkylation of 4SU to fixate the modification.

Kit size and format: 24-well cell culture plate.

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Got interested?

Watch this webinar to learn more: