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Lexogen is Revolutionizing Single-Cell RNA Sequencing with LUTHOR HD!

Game-changing innovation that sets new standards in single-cell RNAseq


High-Definition Single-Cell RNA-Seq with LUTHOR HD

The key to Lexogen‘s LUTHOR HD’s exceptional sensitivity lies in its innovative THOR technology*. By amplifying RNA directly from the original mRNA, rather than from cDNA, LUTHOR HD overcomes the limitations of low-copy transcripts, making it an indispensable tool for gene expression profiling.

*THOR = T7 High-resolution Original RNA amplification

LUTHOR HD is for you, if you are interested in:

  • High-definition single-cell differential gene expression analysis
  • Post-bulk scRNA-Seq characterization of cell subpopulation
  • Rare cell RNA analysis (e.g. CTCs or ILCs)
  • Subcellular (cytoplasm, organelle) RNA analysis
  • Single nucleus RNA-Seq

LUTHOR HD is perfect if you:

  • Want to see even lowly expressed genes (<10 copies/cell)
  • Work with 1 ng to 10 pg of RNA input and even lower – equivalent to 100 cells to 1 cell
  • You want to elegantly avoid gDNA in your reads
  • You work with “less-than-a-cell” inputs – e.g. cytoplasmic extracts – as low as 1 pg of input


Time flies – it’s already December!

Lexogen’s prices will increase starting from Jan 1st, 2024. Now it’s good time to stock up on your favorite kits! Please contact Liisa for more details.