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Multiplexed Imaging Solution Cell DIVE now from Immuno Diagnostic!

Multiplexed Imaging Solution Cell DIVE

A hyperplexed imaging technique delivering spatial biomarker mapping

Cell DIVE multiplexed imaging is an antibody-based hyperplexed technique addressing spatial cell biology and function within the tumor microenvironment. Cell DIVE is a registered trademark of Cytiva.

Deepen your understanding of the tissue microenvironment with multiplexed imaging technology

Cancer is complicated. Immunotherapy, while promising, is still only 30% effective.
Researchers need a greater understanding of the cellular architecture of normal and diseased tissues to develop better treatments and more accurately predict disease progression.

Multiplexed, or hyperplexed, imaging is the latest technology that clearly visualizes, identifies, and quantifies significant biomarkers. Go from answering the question, “Is it cancer?” to gaining the ability to stratify tumors by cell type, biomarker profile, and specific features.


Meet Cell DIVE multiplexed imaging solution for spatial biomarker analysis

Delivers thousands of data points from just one tissue section, down to the single-cell level.

  • Customizable: design and configure experiments exactly how you want
  • Precise: collect the data valuable to you, and trust in your results
  • Proven: years of experience plus three tested and refined technologies, merged into one solution


How we deliver reliable, reproducible results that reveal significant protein biomarkers

  • Trust your results with an automated imager engineered for precision, speed, and sensitivity
  • Customize your own panels and have the flexibility to stain and image as you need with our extensive list of validated antibodies
  • Iteratively probe, image, and de-stain to capture thousands of spatial cellular data points from just one tissue section
  • Have confidence knowing that our gentle protocol will not harm your tissue sample — no stripping of antibodies or complicated sample preparation steps are required
  • Reveal 60+ biomarkers in one sample with hyperplexed immunofluorescence imaging, compared to multispectral imaging tools typically capable of analyzing six to eight
  • Built by scientists, for scientists, from a decade of discovery and development
  • Cell DIVE multiplexed imaging is backed by 10 plus years of rigorous research, testing, and validation.


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