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Need a robust solution for cDNA synthesis and amplification?

High-quality solutions for cDNA synthesis!

No matter what your sample type or species is, or if you are performing qPCR or NGS, check these 4 interesting options:

cDNA synthesis from single cells or low input samples: CelluLyser lysis and cDNA Synthesis kit from TATAA

  • From cells to cDNA in one tube: CelluLyser lysis buffer combined with highly efficient GrandScript cDNA Synthesis Kit
  • Sensitive and easy to use
  • By using CelluLyser™,  the entire workflow from rapid and sensitive cell lysis to cDNA synthesis and qPCR can be performed without washing steps, thus eliminating material loss
  • Suitable for samples ranging from 10 000 cells down to as little as one single cell.

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Whole transcriptome RNA amplification process for low input & degraded samples: NuGEN/Tecan Genomics Ovation® RNA-Seq System V2

NuGEN/Tecan Genomics Ovation® RNA-Seq System V2 provides a fast and simple method for preparing amplified cDNA from total RNA for multiple downstream applications including RNA-Seq, qPCR and archival storage for future analyses.

  • Powered by Ribo-SPIA® technology, a rapid, simple and sensitive RNA amplification process developed by NuGEN
  • Using Ribo-SPIA technology and starting with as little as 500 pg total RNA, microgram quantities of cDNA can be prepared
  • Ribo-SPIA contributes minimal coverage bias which has been shown to be highly reproducible
  • After purification, the cDNA can be fragmented to the appropriate size and ligated into NuGEN or other suitable NGS library construction methods

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For generating long cDNA transcripts: Lexogen TeloPrime

The TeloPrime Full-Length cDNA Amplification Kit V2 is an all-in-one protocol for generating full-length cDNA from total RNA.

  • Full-length cDNA generation with high yield
  • Exceptional 5‘ cap specificity
  • Ideal for long-read NGS library generation (e.g. PacBio™ and Oxford Nanopore™)
  • 1 ng – 2 μg total RNA input
  • Flexible protocol enables use of custom primers for reverse transcription

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For production of full-length cDNA from low amounts of total RNA: MMLV Reverse Transcriptase 1st-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit

Optimized, complete system for production of full-length cDNA from low amounts of total RNA.

  • Synthesize full-length cDNA (>15 kb)
  • Includes all components necessary to generate first-strand cDNA from picogram amounts of total RNA
  • MMLV HP RT demonstrates significantly higher activity than competitive reverse transcriptase enzymes

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