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NEW for Oncology! OncoDEEP® cancer gene panel from OncoDNA

OncoDNA is a company specializing in precision medicine for the treatment of patients with cancer and genetic diseases. When patients are diagnosed with any cancer type including aggressive cancer or rare cancer type, OncoDEEP can provide you with clear clinical guidance.

Identify the most relevant treatments for your cancer patients with OncoDEEP®

Why choose OncoDEEP?

  • Map out the cancer treatment options that match your patient’s tumor profile
  • Reveal early indication of treatment resistance and spare non-responders toxicity of a treatment with no therapeutic benefit
  • Reduce cost of testing as comprehensive testing is more cost-effective than sequential biomarker testing and delivers faster results
  • Uncover opportunities to access drugs and clinical trials by leveraging OncoDNA proprietary, curated and up to date database and OncoDNA networks with pharma and clinical trial platforms
  • Increase patients’ understanding and access to clinical trials

All-in-one solution with the largest panel in the market

Designed by oncology experts, the OncoDEEP® panel contains the most relevant and complete cancer gene panel. Over the time this panel was optimized to include all clinically-relevant oncology targets. The panel is composed of 638 genes, reporting genomic alterations (SNV, insertion, deletion, CNV) and complex genetic signature (HRD, MSI and TMB).

From sample preparation to clinical insights in just 5 days!

OncoDEEP® Kit revolutionizes the diagnostic process by significantly reducing the timeline from DNA extraction to clinical and biological interpretation to just 5 days. This accelerated timeframe enables healthcare professionals to make faster decisions, resulting in enhanced patient care and improved outcomes.

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OncoKDM® – Clear data insight and clinical interpretation

OncoKDM®’s comprehensive interpretation reports provide labs with eight essential assets to enhance the understanding of NGS data, including detailed annotations, a list of actionable variants, a list of therapies recommendation and a summary of relevant clinical trials.

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