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Accelerate your virus studies with us!

Isolate live virus from patient samples or tissues in seconds

Choose Sample Safety – OMNI´s Prefilled Beads or Bulk Beads and Tubes for Homogenizers

Bead Beating tubes

OMNI´s tubes are nuclease free or nuclease & microbial DNA free as well as compatible with most homogenizers. The tubes withstand the high g-forces present during bead milling.

  • Sizes: 0,5-50 ml & 96 Strip-Well Tubes
  • Material: Class, Ceramic, Garnet or Metal

OMNI Bead ruptor 24 elite homogenisaattori

HOMOGENIZERS: Bead milling produces efficient grinding and can process a variety of sample types in less than half the time of traditional methods.

It can speed up purification of nucleic acids and proteins as well as isolation of live virus and bacteria.

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ELISAs, Proteins and Antibodies for virus studies

For the detection of human IgA, IgG and IgM antibodies against bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoal antigens, we offer a wide range of infectious disease ELISAs from several suppliers. E.g. Adeno, Cytomegalo, Dengue, EBV, Herpes, HIV, Influenza, Parvo, Rubella, TBEV and many more!


We offer wide range of virus-related antibodies and proteins e.g. from BIOSS, Nordic MUbio, Cedar-lane, Alpha Diagnostic Intl. (ADI), ECM Biosciences.

  Antibodies & Proteins


NEW RapiDxFire™ Thermostable Reverse Transcriptase

  • A hot spring enzyme for fast synthesis of short cDNA (< 1kb)
  • Extremely active at high temperatures (55 to 80°C): Improves specificity of cDNA synthesis
  • Sensitive: Detects ≤100 copies of RNA in two-step RT-qPCR assays
  • Short reaction time (5 minutes or less): Faster time to results
  • Stable at room temperature: Easier setup on automation decks as no cold storage required
  • Lyo-compatible: Enzyme formulation is glycerol-free and lyophilization compatible
  • Batch to batch reproducibility: Manufactured in an ISO 13485-certified facility
  • Bulk/OEM available

Reverse transcription, first strand cDNA synthesis (< 1 kb) in a two-step RT-PCR, RT-PCR for detecting RNA viruses, RT-PCR for detecting mRNA targets (cancer biomarkers), Isothermal amplification methods (TMA, NASBA), gene expression studies.

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For High sensitivity whole transcriptome analyses: TrioRNAseq NGS solution


  • Whole transcriptomics
  • Viral discovery and detection
  • Analysis of rare and precious materials
  • A wide variety of sample sources: liquid biopsy, FFPE, LCM, degraded samples, cell lines and tissue
  • Input 500pg-50ng of total RNA
  • Compatible with Illumina sequencing platforms



1. Single Primer Isothermal Amplification (SPIA) enabling access to limited and degraded samples.
2. Enzymatic fragmentation and DimerFree library construction allowing efficient and robust library preparation.
3. AnyDeplete customizable transcript depletion after library construction maxi-mizing informative sequencing reads from whole transcriptome data. Available also with human rRNA depletion.

YOUR BENEFIT: increased sensitivity for rare transcript detection & more data with
less sequencing!


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