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RNAseq Solutions

RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) is a powerful NGS tool with a variety of applications, including gene expression analysis, whole-transcriptome profiling, the identification of novel transcripts, the detection of coding variants, the detection of fusion genes, and the identification of alternative splicing, among others.

LEXOGEN – the RNA Experts offers

  • Whole Transcriptome Library Prep Kits
  • Expression Profiling Library Prep Kits
  • Single-cell and Low-input RNA-Seq Library Prep
  • Metabolic RNA Labeling
  • RNA Enrichment and Depletion
  • RNA Stabilization / Extraction / Isolation

NEW! Seamless RNAseq solutions for FFPE samples

Convenient workflows from FFPE sample extraction to data analysis:

SPLIT One-Step FFPE RNA Extraction and Lexogen FFPE Library Prep Kits offer a convenient end-to-end workflow for efficient processing of the most challenging FFPE material, including data analysis on Kangooroo – Lexogen’s intuitive web-based platform for NGS data processing.​​​​ Read more

All-inclusive fast and cost-efficient technologies for transcriptome analysis

Whole Transcriptome Library Prep CORALL – Complete coverage of transcripts from start to end (incl. UMIs & UDIs). Combine with rRNA depletion to obtain data from total-RNA status, including non-coding RNAs. 1 ng to 1 µg of total RNA input.

mRNAseq analysis: CORALL + poly-A-selection bundle. Fast and cost-efficient generation of stranded, UMI labelled, and unique dual indexed libraries for whole transcriptome poly(A) RNA analyses.

QuantSeq 3´ mRNA-Seq: THE GOLD STANDARD for genome-wide analysis of gene expression. Cost-efficient alternative to microarrays and standard RNA-Seq. Together with UMIs & UDIs. Free data analysis pipeline on the Bluebee® platform included.

QuantSeq-POOL 3’ mRNA-Seq Lib Prep Kit: Optimal solution for gene expression profiling for large screening projects using sample barcoding, early pooling, and batch processing of up to 96 samples in one reaction providing a workflow that is easily scalable for multiplexing up to 36,864 samples.

QuantSeq-FLEX Targeted RNA-SeqTargeted sequencing with custom-designed gene-specific primers

LUTHOR 3’ mRNA-Seq Lib Prep Kit: For single-cell analysis. Combines a novel direct RNA amplification technology with an efficient one-step 3’ RNA-Seq library preparation method yielding unprecedented sensitivity and reproducibility for individual cells and purified RNA in the ultra-low pg range.

SLAMseq Metabolic RNA Labeling: Option for e.g. GRO-seq – Analyze transcriptome-wide kinetics of RNA synthesis and turnover and measure nascent RNA expression and transcript stability

Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit for miRNA analysis. Gel-free protocol. Optimized for miRNA studies & low RNA content samples such as plasma, serum, and urine, wide input range starting from 50 pg

RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kit (Human/Mouse/Rat V2): Removes cytoplasmic 28S, 18S, 5.8S, 45S, 5S, as well as mitochondrial mt16S, mt12S ribosomal RNA sequences. The most efficient method in the market to get rid of ribosomal RNA -> Saves your sequencing costs!

RiboCop HMR + Globin: The best solution for whole blood sample RNAseq; you can deplete both rRNA and globin mRNA in a single step -> providing a highly convenient workflow and freeing up sequencing space for RNAs of interest.

RiboCop for Bacteria META: The optimized solution to deplete bacterial rRNA from e.g. stool and environmental samples. Combine with Corall to create the comprehensive solution for metatranscriptomics study!

Poly(A) RNA Selection Kit V1.5: Enables rapid and highly specific enrichment of polyadenylated RNAs from total RNA samples.


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