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DNAseq solutions

Challenging, degraded samples, FFPE, cfDNA and low input samples

Ovation Ultralow V2 Library Preparation Kit: DNA libraries from wide input range (10 pg – 100 ng) in only three hours. DimerFree© technology allows for efficient library preparation with virtually no adaptor dimers and index hopping can be prevented by using UDI primers. Kit sizes: 8, 32, 96.

NxSeq UltraLow DNA Library Kit v2 (Lucigen/LGC Biosearch). Cost effective library preparation with high efficiency adaptor ligation to produce complex and uniform libraries from 50 pg to 100 ng of sheared DNA. Quick 3 hour protocol. Kits in 12 or 96 rxns. Pair with NxSeq Single or Dual Indexing kits.

For regular DNA sequencing applications


Tecan offers simple and streamlined workflows for DNA sequencing library preparation on Illumina platforms. Includes proprietary DimerFree® technology – that simplifies the
workflow by eliminating adaptor dimers and adaptor dilution steps – and NuQuant® for rapid, integrated library QC in less than six minutes for research purposes.

Celero™ DNA-Seq: short, three-step, addition-only, single-tube library preparation. Only one bead-purification. Available also with enzymatic fragmentation & UDIs

Celero EZ DNA-Seq Lib Prep Kit: A simple 3-step workflow integrated with NuQuant library quantification that provides a flexible solution for high-throughput DNA-Seq. With enzymatic fragmentation technology that is simple, robust and consistent for fragmentation of genomic DNA into homologous sized fragments, without optimization. Eliminates post-ligation bead purification, resulting in faster library preparation and reduced hands-on time.

Rapid EZ DNA-Seq: fast, PCR-free DNA-Seq lib prep workflow with enzymatic fragmentation that can be easily completed in under two hours. Easily automatable.

To help you choose the right option for your experiment, check the DNAseq Selection Guide!


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