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Bright images, clear results!

Leica Microsystems` traditional and digital microscopy solutions for clinical and life science research applications focus on the user. So you can expect detail-enhancing clarity from exceptional optics and all-day comfort from advanced ergonomics. Leica’s clinical microscopes help you see all the finest details required for a precise and accurate diagnosis, while helping you achieve high-quality results in your scientific research.

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Leica DM1000 LED
Uniquely ergonomic system microscope with LED illumination

Leica DM2000LED
Ergonomic System Microscopes for Complex Clinical Applications

Leica DM3000LED
Uniquely Ergonomic System Microscopes With Intelligent Automation

Leica DM4 & DM6 Increase work efficiency with Leica DM4 B & DM6 B upright digital research microscopes.

Leica DMi1
Entry level inverted microscope for cell culture. Aivalable with integrated stand-alone camera!

Inverted Laboratory Microscope with LED Illumination

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Vesa Ylöstalo

Product Manager, Microscopy and Imaging

Janne Ylärinne, Ph.D.

Sales Director