Routine Manual

Precision, modularity and the ease of use

Whether you need an entry-level solution or an advanced analysis and documentation package, Leica Microsystems provides ergonomically-designed manual stereo microscopes for routine tasks. This modular product range can be customized to your needs with ergonomic accessories, special bases and extensive illumination options (see more in the Accesories section!).

Leica S4
Entry Level Greenough Stereo Microscope for 3D Visualization

Leica S9 -series
Greenough Stereo Microscopes S series

Leica A60S
Industrial Stereo Microscope for Production

Leica A60F
Industrial Stereo Microscope for Production

Leica M50
Easily Replicates Sample Analysis and Documentation at Various Magnifications

Leica M60
Compact, Modular Stereo Microscope

Leica M80
Modular Routine Stereo Microscope with 8:1 Zoom