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Materials and Earth Science

Microscopes for materials science and industry

Industrial and materials microscopes from Leica Microsystems are used in a wide range of applications providing high precision and accurate results. These high power microscopes feature customizable options including ergonomy modules, LED illumination, cameras and software to meet your specific industrial or materials analysis needs. Leica Microsystems also offers dedicated systems for polarization microscopy.

Leica DM4 M & DM6 M
Upright Materials Microscope

Leica DM4 P, DM2700 P & DM750 P
Upright Polarization Microscopes

Leica DM1750 M
Materials Analysis Microscope

Leica DM2700 M
Incident light microscope with universal LED-illumination

Leica DMi8 M
Inverted Microscope for Industry

Leica DM IL M
Inverted Microscope for Metallography and Industrial Materials Inspection

Leica DM750M
Binocular materials microscope for education, basic metallography, and forensics education

Leica DCM8
Digital microscope for 3D surface measurement in production and research

Leica DM8000M
High Throughput 8″ Inspection & Review System

Leica DM12000 M
Precision 12″ Inspection & Review System

Leica Telatom
Automated research microscope for testing radioactive

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Toni Vormisto

Product Manager, Stereo and material microscopes

Vesa Ylöstalo

Product Manager, Microscopy and Imaging