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Manual Research Stereo Microscopes

Manual research stereo microscopes from Leica Microsystems provide high-contrast, modular solutions for industrial, materials or life science applications. These ergonomic and customizable solutions combine high resolution with wide sample overview for convenient inspection and analysis.

Automated Research Stereo Microscopes

Automated research stereo microscopes and macroscopes are flexible, motorized solutions for life science, industrial and materials science applications. When combined with Leica digital microscope cameras and easy-to-use Leica Application Suite software, these systems provide the detailed documentation, measurement and evaluation you need.

Fluorescence Stereo Microscopes

Leica Microsystems’ fluorescence stereo microscopes use the TripleBeam technology, a separate (third) beam path for fluorescence illumination of the sample without a dichroic mirror. Therefore one excitation filter for the illumination beam path and two emission filters, one for each observation beam path, are needed.

Leica S8 APO
Unique Greenough Stereo Microscope with Apochromatic Optics

Leica MZ10F
Modular stereomicroscope

Leica M80
Modular Routine Stereo Microscope with 8:1 Zoom

Leica M125, M165C, M205C, M205A
Encoded stereo microscopes

Leica M165FC
Fluorescent stereomicroscope

Leica M205 FCA, M205FA
(Semi)-automated fluorescence stereo microscopes

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