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Materials and Earth Science

Digital microscope cameras for optimum visualization and ultimate ease of use

Microscope applications in Industry require high frame rates for swift work, excellent image quality for precise analysis and ease of use for confident use of the instrument – that is what our digital microscope cameras for Industry applications stand for.

As a leader in innovation, Leica Microsystems provides powerful digital microscope cameras for PC-based or stand-alone systems. The portfolio includes various CCD and CMOS based color cameras with resolutions ranging from 2.5 up 8 Megapixels – with pixel shifting technology even up to 12.5 Megapixels.

All cameras can be connected to a PC with a single interface cable – based on standard interfaces like Firewire-B, USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 – and are controlled by the software Leica Application Suite (LAS).

Leica IC90 Integrated Camera for Stereo Microscope with Ethernet connection and 10 MP resolution

Leica MC170HD
5 Megapixel HD Microscope Camera

Leica MC190HD
HD Digital Microscope Camera

Leica DMC2900
Save Time with a USB 3.0 Microscope Camera

Leica DMC4500
Allrounder Microscope Camera

Leica DFC550
Digital Color Camera for Highest-Resolution Photomicrography

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Toni Vormisto

Product Manager, Stereo and material microscopes

Vesa Ylöstalo

Product Manager, Microscopy and Imaging