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LED illumination from Leica Microsystems provides cool, natural color light for a various incident light applications. LED technology also consumes lower power and lasts longer compared to halogen lamps saving energy and money. Whether you are looking for uniform, high-contrast, coaxial, highly diffuse, or nearly shadow-free illumination, Leica Microsystems provides a broad spectrum of LED illuminators for your application or task.

See here an article on Science Lab with helpful advice when attempting to select optimal illumination or lighting systems for sample observation

Ergonomic accessories

While physical discomfort or pain is irritating and distractive, physical comfort is the best precondition for consistent, efficient work. Ergonomic accessories help microscope users work in comfort even if they spend the entire day working with a microscope. These accessories allow adapting stereo microscopes individually – whether in laboratories, manufacturing areas or quality control.

Promoting motivation – increasing efficiency. Use ergonomics as a competitive advantage.

Physical comfort

  • improves concentration
  • can reduce work absences and work-related health issues
  • helps maintain high work quality
  • can even increase productivity
  • promotes the employees’ well-being

Stands and other accessories

Stereo microscopes from Leica Microsystems are customizable and modular to meet your specific applications and tasks. Below are just some of the many stages, stands, and light bases available to enhance your imaging workflow.

Leica LED5000SLI
LED Spotlight Illuminator with Gooseneck

Leica LED5000RL
Integrated LED Ring Light for Leica M-series Stereo Microscopes

Leica LED5000CXI
Coaxial Illumination System with integrated LED’s for observation of glossy surfaces

Leica LED25000
Integrated LED Incident and Transmitted Illumination Stand

Leica TL4000RC
Transmitted Light Base Features Rottermann Contrast Technique Relief Illumination Technology

Leica Swingarm Stand
Transmitted Light Base Features Rottermann Contrast Technique Relief Illumination Technology

Leica Flexarm Stand
Ideal to screen over a large object

Leixa XL Stand
Modular stand allows inspection of large samples at high stereoscopic magnifications

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